Petro Shuklinov

Petro Shuklinov

head of social and political editorial office of
Petro Shuklinov
head of social and political editorial office of


Born in Kyiv in 1989. Two brothers. Mother lives in Kyiv, father - in Moscow. Due to the last fact, the surname, alas, is from the same place - from Russia. Half Russian. On the maternal side - a noble family. I studied to become a programmer (Kiev KROK University), but dropped out (necessity). I got into journalism by accident. More than 10 years in the profession (all at He started his career from the very bottom - producing nightly news feeds. I recorded my first interview at the age of 19 with Leonid Kravchuk.


For many years he wrote on the topic of crime, law enforcement agencies and intelligence services. For several years he was a political parliamentary correspondent. With the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, he worked as a military correspondent for three years: he traveled the entire demarcation line and worked on the front line (I know what Grad is). Specialization: international politics and power structures. Author of the term/project "Media Hygiene". I study the work of special services - history and methods of work.


There is an award for “Best Military Reporting - 2015” (Mezhyhirya Fest). I refused the Presidential Order of Merit (I don’t regret it). I refused the award pistol (I regret it, of course, but what can I do).


Consistent libertarian. A staunch supporter of the Western collective security system (NATO) and a united Europe (European Union). Against labels with the prefix "bot" in discussions. I think we need to talk to everyone. Example: when I entered the profession, no one in Ukraine considered NATO and the EU as a serious prospect. 10 years later, integration into these structures is supported by the majority of Ukrainians (still the same ones). Therefore, you need to talk to everyone - people tend to change their minds. This is what I do. Subscribe, write - let's talk.