Syrskyi is a suitable candidate to be trusted if he acts with a professional team and systematically pressures the authorities and everyone in the country as hard as he pressures ordinary officers and soldiers, demanding to do everything possible and impossible.

Now the situation at the front is so critical that everyone who can, and even snipers, go into battle as assault troops. Maximum support is needed at this critical moment. Because a little more of the same war as today, and we will lose.

The question of whether all this will be successful or will end only in new losses depends entirely on a simple problem – will the rear be mobilized? Will the rear provide the necessary weapons and ammunition thanks to the transfer of the economy to military lines and thanks to Western aid? So far, we can see the process of expelling the old mafia, cementing the new order – but we do not see that this new order will work and the front will begin to receive everything it needs to the maximum.

While the enemy was mobilizing everything it could in its rear, we have hundreds of the most necessary items that have not been accepted into service, contracts regarding the adopted into service are not signed, those signed are not financed. We are simply in a catastrophic situation, and if a new chapter in the history of our rear does not begin in just a few days, even the most brilliant commanders will not save us.

Will everyone who is already in the Defense Forces be thrown into battle? It is obvious that they will be. Will everyone who is mobilized be thrown into battle – it is obvious that they will be. And they will mobilize much more than 500,000, and they will also throw them into battle – remember this prediction and do not say that no one expected this, it is irrational and similar things. It depends on us whether it will all be in vain or not. So what can we do?

1. Demand the mobilization of the rear and control everything that is happening.

2. Prepare to fight, because the more you prepare yourself, the better your chances of survival. If you are afraid of training grounds, at least read the books, because elementary mistakes often pay off. Do not expect that everything will be taught there and commanders will give reasonable commands. I myself fought for only a couple of months, but on the first day I simply saved my company twice by explaining to the deputy commander what was right and what was wrong in the conditions of the terrain that we got, based on the situation, which I sniffed out better than him. Be prepared at least with your head – it often saves lives.

3. Demand justice. I know only one MP who is fighting, and his voice about the realities on the front is not heard by his colleagues. If the children of ministers and lawmakers fought in Avdiyivka, 20,000 drones would not be gathering dust in warehouses.

4. Demand from the West to provide ten times more aid to us. Be rational and decisive. And while this help is not available – donate, do your best wherever you can, making up for the lack of aid.

5. As much as possible, help those who are already fighting to survive. Those who are still alive and not crippled – they are definitely better in the main mass than those who are being mobilized. This is simply a medical fact. The more of them that survive thanks to your support, the more chances you have to survive when you have to fight.