This was stated by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken after talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

According to Blinken, China will not be able to improve relations with Europe if it continues to support Russia. Blinken stressed that ensuring transatlantic security is one of the main interests of the United States.

This is a very good speech that shows all the cards. The US is doing this publicly for a reason, to remind everyone who is the apex predator on our planet. China does not care about Ukraine (or Russia, for that matter, except perhaps for its resources), and the US is its geopolitical rival, but Europe is its central market.

China has already become the EU's most important trading partner in 2020, with an annual foreign trade turnover of 586 billion euros. That is why Blinken points out that Russia is a threat to European security, not just to Ukraine, thus negating the Kremlin's narrative that this is an "internal" Russian conflict exclusively in its zone of interest.

Americans are generally indifferent to many global processes, but they are not indifferent to only one thing: that the world order continues to function not according to the law of the jungle of untalented, secondary states that give nothing to the world: neither technologies, nor knowledge, nor unique discoveries, etc.