Why do we need different branches of the military?

1. The infantryman is the master of the battlefield.

Tanks and armored vehicles suppress and cover.

Artillery and aviation destroy.

But drones kill more than any other unit and spot strikes for all other branches.

2. In the war of drones, the advantage is created only through the quality of organization, administration, management and tactics of application.

3. Commanding drones means managing high-tech equipment, information technology and skilled personnel. The use of drones requires appropriate intelligence, not years of service. The best drone commander is the one with the most kills and the most adjusted strikes. The counter is open.

4. Drones create advantage and interaction only when all operators and troops as a whole are provided with multi-channel stable communication and an automated control system.

5. Drones require daily technological changes, daily analysis of enemy drones and anti-drone systems, daily development of automated control and communication systems, production of special ammunition.

6. Drones require the selection and training of operators, engineering personnel, constant analysis and exchange of experience, feedback between operators and changes in work practices.

7. Drones need a doctrine, an order of application, changes in the organizational and staff structure, so that the planning of drone actions and interaction with drones become a mandatory work practice of all army commanders of all ranks.

8. Drones require the launch of long cycles of production and procurement of components, all of which require professional planning and issuance of technical tasks.

Therefore, drone troops are needed, which will be commanded by the most effective commanders of drone units.