Nine strategic sectors that will drive the recovery were presented at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London.

First, professional and social development for everyone. We will create the conditions for our citizens to return, and for a comfortable life in Ukraine.

Then, internal security and protection of NATO’s eastern border. This will be guaranteed by a powerful army of more than 500,000 and an advanced defence sector.

Third, large-scale construction, which will promote local production of construction materials and equipment.

Fourth, green industrial transition; green energy for domestic needs and EU exports. In addition, we will produce green hydrogen and use agricultural waste to produce biomethane.

Ukraine will produce green steel, aluminium, and fertilisers without using coal and natural gas. We will make more use of environmentally friendly transport, primarily by river and rail.

We will extract critical materials and use them in industry. Ukraine has Europe’s largest reserves of lithium and titanium, as well as significant deposits of other minerals.

Ukraine will become a guarantor of global food security for 600 million people. At the same time, the technological component of agricultural production will increase, so that we will ensure deep processing of more than half of products and full use of waste.

Then, development of start-ups and entrepreneurship. Ukraine's industrial development will require new technological solutions, which, combined with the digitalisation of the economy, will stimulate development in the IT and R&D sectors.

Also, we are integrating into the EU infrastructure. Ukraine needs to reorient transport flows from the post-Soviet to the trans-European network.

What does this path require?

First of all, security. Ukraine must become a member of NATO and the European Union.

Domestically, we must work to respect the freedoms of citizens and businesses, promote dynamic economic development, and do our homework – that is, structural reforms.

I am glad that this vision is fully shared by our friends and partners, because we can only go this way together.